Change the type of lighting already captured

Is it no longer possible to change the type of lighting already imported in 2.6.0 or later?
I can no longer press the red circle in the image.

We are sorry about this, there is a bug in the 3ds Max exporter that will be fixed in the upcoming release, for now you need to set the type of light in the 3ds Max.

Thanks for the answer.
I am using [CINEMA4D] and cannot change the type of lighting after importing with fbx or collada.
I am having trouble when placing multiple area lights.
I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible.

As a temporary solution before the desktop editor with the fix is released, you can use the cloud editor that already has the fix. You can upload the scene to the cloud, set up lights, and download the scene back to the desktop editor using the ‘Download’ button.

Thank you very much.
I will refer to it.

@jan Does the light import work with a straight FBX file?? I use C4D too and assumed it was not supported unless in 3DS Max. Would be soooo helpful if it is possible with FBX out of C4D.

Yes, lights can be imported via FBX.

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Yay, Thx @jan I will be testing & smiling for sure!