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Cinema 4D Integration

Hi @wojtek or other devs, are there any plans or is there something in place already to link with Cinema 4D as a modelling program?

I use sketchup for a lot of what we do, but also use C4D for work where I need more control on modelling / texturing or for more traditional object / creative renders (We are inherently a creative agency, but we implement brand in spaces which lead us to use 3D about 10 yrs ago)

We use UE4 & Twinmotion also which play friendly with C4D, so looking at options to streamline our processes and save model / texture conversion if we offer a shapespark tour as part of our visualisation package.

I have very limited experience of 3DS Max and can’t afford the time or software costs to switch for now.



Hi @njay,

it shoudn’t be a problem to use Shapespark along with Cinema4D. Shapespark can import Collada and FBX file formats that are for sure supported by Cinema4D. We create Shapespark walkthroughs using 3dsmax, Modo and Blender and never had any issues with files exchange. Cinema4D shouldn’t be any different.

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@njay, please take a look at our guide on how to export a C4D model to Shapespark:

If Cinema 4D supports FBX, you could also try FBX as the intermediate format.

Let us know if you encounter any questions or issues.

thx @Kuba. I was thinking in my head as there is a Sketchup live link plugin that there would need to be one to work in Shapespark with other software and as C4D is less geared towards Arch vis that it would be at best on a lonely very future dev list.

I will dive into importing FBX files into Shapespark then, (Will potentially save me hours doing this rather than constantly exporting from C4D to skp and tidying things up before going into Shapespark.Yay!)

Appreciate your time to respond.

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Hi & Thx @wojtek much appreciated.

I did a search for Cinema 4D on forum, before posting and got noting, hence my question.

As my response above to kuba I thought I needed a plugin, so will get working on an output from C4D to start testing.

I will try the FBX route to get the best transfer in of Mats / textures etc, as I can then create just one set of files for use across Twinmotion UE4 & Shapespark.

Community response here is so good. Thank you both.