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Clipping of transparent objects

vertical glass objects are getting clipped at a certain camera angle.
In this scene, the object has 50 percent opacity, if I make opacity 100 percent, the error disappears. but that’s not what I want.
please check the scene on the following link.

Shapespark uses order dependent algorithm that requires rendering of triangles from the furthest away to the closest to the camera. Accurate ordering for each triangle is not feasible in real-time, so Shapespark uses approximate sorting algorithms that work on whole meshes instead of single triangles. The problems that you see are the result of inaccurate render order.

In the case of this scene, what might reduce the problems (but not eliminate them) is merging all the glass railings at each building level into a single SketchUp group. This would help the sorting algorithm to determine that the glass railings are always further from the camera than the colorful vertical decorations.

It’s important that the SketchUp group for all railings at one level doesn’t contain any sub-groups/sub-compnents. All the faces would need to be directly in the group. If the railings are already grouped you’d have to use the “Explode” function to remove the existing groups.

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Thank you so much, sir! That helped me. After creating a single glass panel, It solved my problem.

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