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Cohere integration not working

I was looking to integrate into our application built on Shapespark. The integration is working but the shapespark output is appearing as completely black. According to cohere’s team it is possibly due to WebGL renderer being initialized with preserveDrawingBuffer=false.

So, can anyone let me know if that is the case?

The renderer is initialized with preserveDrawingBuffer=false.

Will it be possible to set it to true?

It would have negative performance impact, and I’m not sure if it will work correctly. Is there a reason why doesn’t support WebGL content that sets this flag and do they plan to address it?

@jan we could make the change on one tour only? to see if this works or not it is not possible to just change it for one tour.

Hi @Jan

Cohere’s answer :arrow_down:

getDataURI will not work on WebGL canvas without that flag

This is a fundamental browser limitation

So we are unable to address this

can we try this or not? :arrow_down: