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Collision with Orbit View

Hello Team Shapespark,

Is it possible to have collision on when orbiting around ? WebGL seems to support it well, as there is an example of collision in Orbit mode with one of the tours made on WebGL.

This isn’t a Shapespark tour, but was curious to know if we can have such kind of collision effect, where the camera automatically zoom in and out as there is a collision detected

Collision in the orbit views are not supported. Here Kuba explains how to change the minimum distance that the camera can zoom in the Orbit mode: Can I limit the zoom-in of camera in Orbit mode

Is it possible to Zoom out and cover a much larger area when orbiting an exterior scene?

Yes, you can zoom out: on desktops with a mouse scroll and on touch screens with two fingers.

Sorry I was not clear with my question

I already know that part :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiley:… want I mean to ask is that can we alter the current max zoom out level to a much bigger area ? I think its current set to 2.3 Mtrs in the scene.json file. Can I edit it and make it larger ?

Yes, you can change it in the scene.json file.

Hello Team Shapespark,

Is it possible to add values like maxLeftangle / maxRightangle to restrict the orbit camera horizontally ? I can see the there are some codes like maxUpangle / maxDownangle in the scene.json files which restricts up and down movements of the orbit camera.

Is it possible?

No, such orbit movement restrictions are not supported.