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Colored texture staying black

Hello everyone,

Iā€™m having trouble with a simple texture :

Nothing out of the ordinary (at least, not to me :smiley: ). However, in the editor and whene rendered, it is black :

Notice that everything in this zone is purely black (except some parts of the automatic lawn mower) ā€¦

Preview with a spot at max strength (1000) :

The file is a DAE exported from Cinema4D (originally from vectorworks)

Any help would be appreciated ! :slight_smile:

It looks like an issue with incorrect/flipped normals. Could you verify the normals in Cinema4D? If they look OK, could you try other intermediate 3D format to transfer the model to Shapespark (sometimes normals can be broken during the export)?

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Oh right, I forgot to check normals, usually the object just gets transparent ā€¦ Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: