Compatibility Shapespark & Meat Quest 3

can anyone tell me how good the Meta Quest 3 works with Shapespark scenes? Can I load them with a webbrowser without linking the Quest with a windows PC? Does the interactive stuff work when using the glasses? I read that someone had problems with the material switcher. Does it work to load one scene out of another scene, by clicking on an object?

Any help/ customer experiences appriciated!

Works fine for me.
I use Virtual Desktop to connect the Quest 3

Thx very much for that information. You were not ableto use the integrated browser with the meta quest 3 or do you use the virtual desktop to use the graphic power of the pc? Would be nice to get a bit more in depth information about your experiences with the glasses and vr scenes vreated by you.


the Quest works fine also in native mode. And if your scene is not too complex it runs pretty smooth. In my case its is significantly slower than via virtual desktop, like running on 6 fps, but right now I have a very huge scene which must be optimized. The thing is, while the frame rate is very low it still is a very good experience.
If I connected to my PC it runs super smooth.

I have to say that it´s a perfect solution. I haven´t found any other software that runs so smooth with so super sharp grafics - because the others do realtime lighting.

Hi Alex99,

thx a lot for that detailed answer! I suppose my scene will be quite big, it will be only one room but it will be a historic scene from around 1700 (baroque) with a lot of rounded objects.

Best regards,

Hi Mischa,

I believe your scene will run fine even natively on the Quest.
In my last export I forgot to hide all the surounding detailed buildings and my actual project is filled with high polygon furniture on multiple floors.


Sounds great, thx!

Any limitations you encountered? Walking around without the help of the controllers works great?

I am not sure if I understand.
I walk around with the Oculus touch controllers. There´s no other way to move.
Connected to a PC you can probably also move with your keyboard and mouse.
This works quiet well. Although I would like to have some more features and an on screen menu for choosing the camera. Right now you can only click through the cameras with the buttons.
The workaround is to leave the VR mode, click the camera and activate VR mode again.

Also meetings work fine with the oculus. You can attend a meeting from any device. PC, Smartphone, Oculus.

Oh, if I can only walk around with the help of the controllers, that would be a bummer. In “unreal” for example, if I walk around in reality with the glasses on, these movements will also be translated to the virtual camera. So if you have much space you can walk around in the virtual scene freely without having to use the controllers.

I see what you mean.
Of course you move in space when moving in reality, just like any other VR app.
I thought you were refering to some teleporting via looking at a spot for some time.

Thx for that additional information!

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Have you gotten the controllers to point and click and create any action in your scene?

I use the Quest 2 and have not gotten the controllers to point and do anything in there scene- only point with my face and use the trigger to do an action.

same with the Quest 3.