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Conference set with 3D Model

A Conference Set and first go with texturing the low res plane, a bit rough
any tips?

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My two first tips would be:

  1. It seems as if the model was not in real-world scale. For the purpose of light baking and automatic texture downscaling Shapespark assumes that the imported models are in real-world scale (that is an object which has 1m in reality has 1m in the model). If the model is in smaller scale the lighting and texture quality may be low. Could you check the scale of your model?
  2. What kind of environment is it? Is it some kind of a hangar that is mostly illumminated by artificial light sources? If so, you could experiment with turning off sky, removing sun and just using spot or point lights placed over the scene.

Thanks for those tips this looks better. 10 year old software im a bit rusty!

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