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Configure walking up and down the stairs: a short guide

By default the camera in Shapespark scenes moves at the constant height. To configure the camera to walk up and down the stairs or unlevel terrain select the Auto climb checkbox in the Camera settings tab:


Next, switch to the Objects tab, click on the stairs object to select it and set the ‘Walk on’ checkbox:


In the same way, set the Walk on checkbox for all the floor surfaces. This is important, otherwise, the last stair determines the camera height, which changes the height slightly between the floors.

To test the climbing settings, open the scene in the presentation mode (collision detection and climbing are disabled in the editor).

In the Auto climb mode the camera keeps the constant height above all the objects that have the ‘Walk on’ checkbox selected. If, for example, you set the Walk on checkbox for a chair, the camera will jump up while moving above the chair.

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