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Content shifting

I am publishing this scene tomorrow but on mobile devices (iOS) whenever the first arrow is clicked within one of the carousel sliders I have in my html extensions the whole screen shifts up.
A big black band appears on the bottom and the menus slide up.

What could be causing this and what elements shall I try to make position: fixed?

Has anyone had this problem before?

Any help would be appreciated

how did you do to change the color of that?

in the body-end file in the directory you can call the class .ext-popup-content{} and edit it there, this was background colour:rgba etc

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Your content is amazing. Can you tell me how did you change the style and other elements of the “help” tab which gets displayed at the start of the tour ?

Also, you have promoted user to click on Enter to start tour. Can you share how you did that as well?

Could you try removing the html and body CSS styling from the body-end.html file and see if it helps?

If you upload your shapespark scene online and begin to right click, inspect the different elements, you can see their names and begin calling either the id or the class into your body-end/head-end directories and edit them there.

The enter feature is purely an onclick close function and it’s applied to the whole splash screen not just the enter button.

I managed to do it by adding a fixed position to the body, html and canvas plus these 3 id’s
#info-bar{position: fixed;}
#menu-bar{position: fixed;}
#view-list{position: fixed;}

not the neatest way to do it i’m sure but I was short on time.

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