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Control touch screen mobily

I would like to walk through the environment through the touch screen of the cell phone, but it is not possible.
Just zoom in and out.

Hi @maxinteractiva, you can press the question mark button on right down corner, a menu pop of with some guides.
You can let your finger and pull left or right, up or down to move your point of view. If you want to move forward simply touch the screen and point the place where you want to go.

You can stop the movement wen you are travel somewhere by simply putting your finger on screen.

In the trial version that I installed on my computer does not appear this option. This functionality is essential to me, that’s what I’m looking for.
Is this for paid version only?

The trial version is fully version!
Maybe you are confused with the scene in edit mode, view mode on shapespark app in your PC and the upload version of your scene! :thinking:
This menu appear when you see your scene from your browser!
How and where you seeing your scene?

in browser my mobile and browser my notebook touch screen

Do you see this in the right down corner of the screen?

(But you don’t need to see this menu to moving through the scene. You just made that the menu said, you don’t need to see it to moving on! :man_shrugging:t3:)

The program doesn’t know that you are in touch screen mode in your computer! Maybe @jan or @wojtek can help you!

but this option is not displayed in the phone either

What phone do you have? The viewer detects mobile devices by looking at the browser user agent string, perhaps your phone is not detected correctly.

On a laptop with a touch screen you need to force the mobile mode for touch screen navigation to work. You can do it by appending the #mobile hash to the URL, for example:


Can you Pan on the touch screen? Seems like there is only option to zoom and orbit, which is not enough to get the nice view of the whole space.

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I agree with you, pan is a great movement, on PC or laptops you can paning with arrow keys. On touch screens, maybe the same option to move up/down with two fingers can will be use to move right/left, puting two fingers vertically on screen and move right/left to paning!

Yes, you can pan in the orbit view on touch screens by dragging three fingers.