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Convert Bundle to APK

Hi All,

I’m trying to convert the Bundled WebGL experience for one of my shapespark tours into an APK file for side loading onto my Oculus Quest.

I’m having some trouble doing this and curious if anyone has any suggestions. I’ve used an app I found for hosting the bundled tour on my local pc, I’ve then used another for the apk conversion of that local website.

The app claimed to work but failed on install to the Quest, it would however run on my Note 9 but not allow me to actually do anything.

I’m looking to try this to see if it improves the overall quality having the files locally, also obviously it wouldn’t require a download so it could be used offline by my clients.

Do the Wizards at ShapeSpark have any suggestions?

I’m looking for a simple process that doesn’t actually require me having someone build us an actual app.

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As far as I know you can wrap WebGL content into a native mobile application with Cordova:

However, we have never done this, and don’t know whether if will work well with Shapespark and is easy to be done.

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