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Copying a viewfrom set views

is there a way to copy a view that is already set
so it goes back to the orginal stating point?

You could just create a new view from that view, rename it and move put it in the place where you need it.

yes i can do that with walk navagation
but with orbit navagation the camera moves and recenters itself

That’s odd. This is not happening at my model.

yes its always done that for me (one of my pet peaves)
the sky texture goes away also

@bray, thanks for reporting it.

We’ll improve adding a new orbit view while being in orbit mode, so that it clones the orbit point, distance and camera orientation. We’ll include it in one of the next releases.

Could you tell me the status of this update?

Hi @bray,

This is already done and will be included in the next release planned for Monday.

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@bray, the new version containing this improvement - 1.9.2 - is out.

thats great to hear
Thank you