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Corrupted Huffman code histogram

I keep getting this error on self hosted bundles.

There is no clear direction on what could be causing this. Thoughts?

This seems to be related to the recent update.

I tried copying a webwalk folder from a previous build and it attempted to load. It got a bit further, but then started bombarding the view with 404s

Hi. It looks like you are facing a known problem with Brotli compression. We are working on it but as a workaround you can disable Brotli compression on your webserver or remove a file 3dassets/br.buf from webwalk folder.

I am facing the same issue. I am getting “corrupted huffman code histogram” in the console log and not able to play the scene on my own hosting.

@nishantambekar, have you tried to apply the workaround from the Tomek’s post above?

Yes. Deleting br.buf worked for us