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Cover.json copy same element

i had added some html labels,
but it had likely be copyed same element but only “content” .
i don’t know what happend.
thank you for rep

Do I understand correctly that the content of the labels the you have edited and saved was lost somehow?


After I added multiple labels and completed the save, when I check the cover.json in the working folder, the elements are certainly added, but the “content” in the element, so-called “HTMLtemplate”, is a copy of the “content” that I first I added. these are the 0th content copies

In short, all I want to do is move exactly everything in cover.json to another working folder. Especially the contents in the HTML Template

I’m sorry for bad English, but thank you.

To reuse the cover.json you need to copy the file to the new scene directory and then edit the copied extension in the Shapespark editor, but not add a new ones. New extensions will not share configuration of the copied extensions.