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Crash Shapespark

Hi, Dear.
When I move in the edit mode for 1 or more mins, the engine crashes.
In the previews version, I didn’t experience this issue.
Is this a bug or issue from the lack of RAM?

Does this error happen for each scene that you edit, or for a particular one? If the latter, could you upload the scene and share the link with us?

In 3 scenes, I experienced this issue.
In very simple, middle heavy, and heavy scenes.

Could you check if the issue occurs also when you open the scenes for editing in Google Chrome by navigating to http://localhost:5000 ? Shapespark desktop application must be working.

This online engine is OK for now.

We are wondering if the issue is related to one of the recently added features. Do the scenes that Shapespark crash on use a minimap or automatically rotating objects?

I didn’t check this issue on the new features.