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Create Instance


I just wanna know how to create instance. lemme give an example…

i have light A and light B in the scene… both have different properties. now i wanna make Light B the instance of light A… without adding a new light. may be like a match property kinda thing…

any help??

I assume lights A and B come from your 3D modelling program, and you want to make B an instance of A (Otherwise, if you create lights directly in the Shapespark editor then the Lights tab offers you creating instances with the + button in the Instances panel).

If you are using SketchUp and use the Add Shapespark light button from the Shapespark toolbar to create lights, then simply copying the light in SketchUp will instance the light.

For other 3D modelling programs light instancing is based on the names of the lights, please see this post: Any way to create lights externally (withhout sketchup)

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