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Create Popup on Scene Loading

Hello Shapespark Team,

I want to create a Popup where Visitors can input their contact information (Name, Phone Number and Email ID), while the scene is loading. After submission, the lead can reach my inbox/crm. I think it can be very similar to how “#help” popup works while loading scene. I want to disable closing the popup so that user is forced to fill details in order for him/her to view the scene.

This tool will be very helpful to capture leads of visitors.

Please guide on how to create this popup.

Thank you.

I think you better contact a web developer for getting things like this done. They can implement this easily as it is not necessarily a part of the Shapespark scene.


I can’t really have a web developer at this moment. Can anyone please do tell me how do I do this thing ? Please.

I am not a web programmer, but from my understanding, you need to create a web page in which you load the scene as an iFrame. Then create the popup and connect it to a database.
Probably you can also solve it with a script extension or HTML label inside of Shapespark. But this would need some programming skills too.