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Creating a slideshow in html extensions

Hi, something i’ve seen recently in the two projects below is creating a slideshow within the HTML extension, does anyone have a simple guide on how to do this? One of the examples below uses google drive to host and create the embedded content. That would be really good for my project but I don’t know where to start. gallery

Until a guide arrives (that would suit everyone), you can start on this site, it really provides a good basis.

You definitely need to prepare your multimedia pages that you will trigger to appear.
You can use as it did @danscully (if it’s easier for you).
There are users they use , etc…
The final word and instructions will be given by the developers of Shapespark. They are interested in having satisfied customers who will easily use Shapespark in all previous and upcoming possibilities.
After all, the price of their license to use the program and support is a cheaper price of other developers that we would have to hire for such projects.

I think you can experiment with embedding Google Slides Presentation in an HTML label. Envatotuts+ has a good guide about it: It shows how to embed a presentation in a Wordpress website, but the resulting <iframe> snippet will work with Shapespark’s HTML label as well.

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