Creating Images from ScreenShots


I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer. I find Shapespark excellent for virtual tours and general visualisations, but it’s not ideal for capturing high-quality still images for marketing purposes. I understand it wasn’t designed for this, but I’m trying to create content for Instagram and Facebook. When I take snapshots, the quality is quite poor compared to other rendering software that focuses on specific images. I’ve tried taking screenshots on my computer, iPhone, and Quest 2. The best results are from the computer, but the iPhone screenshots are good but are too zoomed in, and objects like tables dominate the screen.

I’ve tried enhancing these images using AI and touching them up in Photoshop, but the quality is still lacking. What would you recommend for improving this? Additionally, I’m looking for software or tools that could help me create better video recordings while navigating through the scenes in Shapespark as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

You can take a screenshot in the desktop app by pressing ‘P’ on your keyboard. Then you can set up the resolution that you need. You can also take a 360-degree panorama if needed.

Taking a screenshot on app is same as browser, no difference in quality, its still poor and doesn’t answer my question.
But how do you do 360 panoramas in the app?

There is no other option to generate high quality still images.
When you press “P” on your keyboard in the desktop app there is a popup menu and you can choose to make 360 panorama:

When i press P a pop up Windows Save As screen pops up, there is no other menu to choose anything. This is windows 10.

When you view the scene (and not use an editor) the save as popup will appear. However, if you use the editor then this other menu should appear, are you sure you’re using the editor for this?

Thank you Maiku, yes i can see the difference now, so only in editor im able to save 360 Panoramas.

Thank you.