Creation of a modern house - situated in a modern - futuristic world

We are looking for a designer to create a virtual building…that can grow into a space with different rooms… The rooms have to be modern…living spaces but also office environment… It can be futuristic…
The experience will be modular. Once we have a successful initial space/experience, we can let the space expand.

Who is up for this challenge?

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I am Tim, an architect from Germany. I am doing individual Shapespark solutions for interior and exterior scenes that really sell.
My work includes modern interior spaces, like living rooms, full apartments, offices, art galleries, or even shops. We also develop stunning exterior solutions.
We can deliver custom-made code to enhance a scene’s interactivity as needed.

Some examples of the work we did so far:
Art Gallery
Showroom in a forest
Luxury Yacht
3D Site plan
Interactive Showroom
2 Room Apartment
European Apartment
Parisian Apartment

If you are interested in a little chat, please let me know when it fits you best.


Hi there

We are a New Zealand based company and I would also like to be able to provide my services, I have here a link of projects that I have worked on in the past, we have very competitive prices with high quality that can be delivered.

We also provide other services which I have here based on my website:

Here are some examples that you can view:

McClarin Rd - walkthrough

The Eslpanade - walkthrough

Jack Hanley Drive - walkthrough

Lot 3031 - walkthrough

River Terrace - walkthrough

This sounds like a really cool project that would be great to work on.

Kind regards