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CSS Style of HTML Label

Hej hej,

is it possible to add CSS styles to the HTML Labels? I would like to change the font and font-size (padding would be great as well) to make sure that the text is displayed properly.

As you can see in the in the picture the text gets cut when its to long. It should say “Gemeinschaftsraum”.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately because these labels are a part of a 3D scene, they are not HTML elements and are not affected by CSS styles.

These labels are drawn on HTML canvas with methods like and then used as textures in 3D.

We will allow for longer texts and check how hard it would be to support padding configuration. When we worked on these labels we concluded that font size configuration doesn’t seem to make sense, because the text is located in 3D the letters become larger or smaller depending on the camera position. This is why we decided to expose a configuration option for the height of the text box in real-world units (for example 0.3 meter).