Cuda renders completly black

Hi, I cant seem to get the light baked with my RTX 4090 gpu. It just renders black (It doesnt render at all). When using my cpu everything is working fine.

I have the laterst Nvidia studio drivers.

Any thoughts?


Using the RTX 40xx family for baking is not supported by Shapespark. We will be working on adding the support, but we don’t have ETA for it yet.

Will the 30xx series work?

Yes, the 30xx series is supported.

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Hi, Wojtek
I also have a rtx 4090 and it totally surprised me that I can’t use this card to bake light.
This card makes a huge difference. Do you know, at least approximately, when shapespark will support the rtx 40xx series?

We aim to add the support by the end of April.

Hi Wojtek
Will you manage to add support for these cards by the end of April?

I am afraid it may take us a bit longer, but this is a high-priority task for us now.