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Custom icons for triggers


I am wondering if there is any way to add more icons for the sprite triggers?

I could use an object type with a custom design temporarily, but i need it to be facing the viewer all the time.


Any help is appreciated, thanks!


At this moment it is not possible. This triggers use a small subset of icons from the Font Awesome 5 free set:

Are there icons in the Font Awesome 5 that would be suitable for your project? We could extend the included set, but we wouldn’t like the selection to be too large (for example including all 1500 icons would be a problem).

If Font Awesome icons are not suitable for your project at all, supporting other icon set would be rather difficult. Perhaps we could support rotating custom triggers to always face the camera, but we would need to check how doable it is.

Unfortunately we need custom trigger designs due to clients requests…would be great if we can create a custom trigger (a small plane that faces the camera) that allows us to upload a png


Hi, Is there any update on adding custom png icon for triggers? which rotates as per camera in the scene?

We still don’t have this feature :confused:

+1 for this request.

Is there any workaround on how i can make the geometry icon rotate as per camera? (like how normal button face camera)
Also will you’ll be implementing this feature in near future updates, let me know if there will any updates here.

We plan a release this week that will allow to configure objects to rotate and always face the camera.


Could we place images on those objects (surfaces with images of people for example) so that they are always looking at the camera?

Yes, any object can be configured to rotate, also objects with textures. The requirement will be to orient these objects along the Y axis in the 3D modeling program before exporting to Shapespark.


Thanks @jan,

This can also be applied to the glow around light sources. It will always be aimed at the visitor.