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Custom Reflections

Hello Everyone!
I am trying to find a way, how I can keep custom reflections in my scene.
In the attached image, lets say I want the HDRI to be reflected on the leather sofa but the environment could be black or white or may be an interior scene.
What if I want to show different environment options within the same file, like we got white background or the sofa is placed inside a dark room but the reflections stay the same all the time.


Hello, the light probes that are used for generating the reflections are generated during the scene load. Currently there is no way to store a custom light probe in a file and assign it to an object.

For a black/white background scenario, you could try a workaround:

  • Surround a sofa by a large sphere object covered with a black material and faces oriented towards the sofa. Set lightmap resolution 0 for this sphere and make it fully transparent just for the time of lightmap baking, to allow sky light to reach the sofa.
  • Add a sky texture, that won’t be visible because of the black sphere.
  • Place a single light probe in the scene, outside of the black sphere, so it captures the sky image. This light probe will be used for the sofa.
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