Dark pixels! Help

Hello. Why is this happening? Little light?!

Did you try bumping up the Flood Dark Limit setting. You currently have it set at .02 trying bumping it up to something like .04 and see if that helps.


It seems the level of noise in the path tracing light simulation is high, and the number of samples that you use for baking (100) is too low for the denoiser to remove all the noise. Usually, such noise is produced by light sources placed very near to other objects (walls, ceiling etc.), beacause such light sources produce very bright small reflections, which is also hard to find for the path tracing algorithm.

To improve the result you can:

  • Look for light sources like in the above description, and try to move them away from the nearby objects (also in some cases you may change point lights into spot lights), or
  • Bake the scene with a higher number of samples (eg. 800).