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Day Time presentation + Night time presentation

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share my first 24 hr experience with SS. Like all of you, COVID is causing issues with meetings - so these presentations go live on Zoom. Looking forward to learning more about this great presentation tool.

Day time presentation (Landscape/pool/ reno/ interior design)

Night time presentation (one design only)

(can only upload 1 shot apparently - so this is it)


Very nice, thank you for sharing. We hope Shapespark will be a useful tool for your work.

Is it possible to have a Day time & Night time scenarios in the same scene?

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It’s not possible. There is only on set of light settings and one set of lightmaps per scene.

However, you can have two copies of the scene: day scene + night scene and use the “Open URL” extension to add a trigger switching between them.

Thanks for update. Will give it a shot using the method you suggested.
Just for knowledge, any plans on bringing in this feature in future updates?
Would be a cool and awesome feature to have.

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No, unfortunately this would be a larger undertaking, and we don’t have such plans.