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Deactivation of navigation by mouse click

We need deactivation of navigation by mouse click. This function confuses many customers, because clicking on the wrong place always changes the camera position. Especially if the collision is disabled for the clicked object, you often fly through objects.

We need an option to disable different navigation functions, because in some scenes navigation only via the menu or a trigger is sufficient.

You can disable single click navigation like this: Disable camera move on single clicks in the scene
I think double click will still cause the camera to move, but it is less commonly used action.

Thank you. Could we deactivate doubleclick also? We need just navigation of menu buttons.

I’m afraid there is no easy way to achieve this, the only way I can see to disable double click is to disable collisions for all the objects, but it would be a lot of configuration work unless all your objects have a common parent. This will also affect walking with the keyboard, it will be possible to walk through all the objects.