Did avatar system change?

hello shapespark team

my company’s owner use to buy avatar minutes to make visio
and this morning we notice we dont have our minutes credit showed anywhere like before ( but no problem with the creation of meeting itself )

so we check little around and see the
premium plan. Is it new ?

few questions are in my mind now about this :

→ are all plan include with unlimited avatar minute credit now ?

  • Custom video meetings avatars
    → can we make our own avatar now ?

  • Host on own server
    → for GPRD ideally we want keep the customer data in our server
    my question here is the avatar system work on our own server too ?
    or avatar system stay linked to shapespark server

i tried search some informations but i didnt find it and i use shapespark as employee only since 2 months


Yes, we have rolled out changes to our subscription plans today, please see the announcement: Subscription plans update: no meeting minutes and Premium plan

The Premium plan allows you to have your custom video meeting avatar. Setting up a custom avatar is a manual process done by our team, please send us an email to support@shapespark.com to discuss it further, if you are interested.

Meetings requires our custom backend, so are supported only for scenes hosted on our infrastructure.

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How does “custom avatar” works? Is there any limitation for the process?

I wonder if we can build a avatar any shapes we want :slight_smile:

We have just posted some more information about custom avatars.