Custom video meetings avatars

In the newly launched Premium plan it is possible to have custom avatars for the 3D meetings. Configuring custom avatars is a manual process, if you have the Premium plan our team will help with this via

In this scene you can check one example of a 3D model of a custom avatar:

  • Custom avatars, like the default avatars, still consist of head and torso, but head and torso can be of any shape and can use any texture, so it is possible to, for example, brand the avatars with your logo.
  • Like with the default avatars, the head rotates when the user looks around.
  • A video screen can be a part of the head or float above (or be so small that it will be hidden inside the head). A floating video screen will automatically rotate to always face the viewer.
  • All meeting participants still use the same avatar shape, it is not possible to select/customize the avatar while joining the meeting. The avatars can have areas of unique color that will differentiate the participants.
  • There is no support for moving hands and legs. For some designs hands that do no move can be a good option, but legs will rather not look well, it is still best to limit the designs to shapes that fly above the ground.

If you have the Premium subscription we can help you with 3D modeling of the avatar of your design or, if you would like to create the 3D model by yourself, we will help to process your model to be usable as the avatar.


Hi Jan :slight_smile: Do the avatars have an idea poly count? And what dimensions should I create them at?

Hi @peepshowillustration

Here are some technical details that might help you:

Technical details:

  • Poly count: the lower the better, the best would be to not exceed 10.000 polygons but there is no hard limit.
  • Model should be made from two body parts (objects named: head and torso) and display panel for video output (named: display, aspect ratio: 16:10)
  • Head and torso can be made from single or multiple meshes, but meshes need to be grouped or named appropriately (example multi mesh naming: head_01, head_02, torso_01, torso_02)
  • Head center should be placed in world origin (0, 0, 0), facing forward on Y axis.
  • Model should use real world scale (1 unit == 1 meter)
  • Avatar model is exported to .obj format.

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Thank you so much!
All makes sense :slight_smile:

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Hi Kamil,

Can the avatars have emission materials? Also, how do you handle the different colours per “character”? Do I need to create variants or does Shapespark assign different colours per spawn?


Hi @peepshowillustration

That’s a great question, thanks. We have not implemented emission for Avatars as emission from avatars would not affect scene lighting. But I suppose it is possible to include this parameter, just to have more control over materials. We will discuss it.

Sorry, I forgot about materials. We support only one Avatar model (without variants)
To differentiate between users, we use material named “mainMaterial” for objects that should have randomised color applied. Any object that has been assigned material with name “mainMaterial” will use our default Avatar material with custom color.
“Display” object for video feed does not have customisable material and will use default display material.

As for the other materials, we currently support base properties of Shapespark material:

  • base color
  • roughness
  • metallic
  • opacity

To summarise, to achieve Avatar look as in the screenshot at the top of this topic (white torso, randomised color head with black circle ) we have used four materials on four different objects:

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 14.48.02

Thank you for the explanation.

Olá espero que esteja bem! É possível eu mesmo alterar o avatar? ou tenho que deixar com a equipe do shapespark?

É possível eu mesmo alterar o avatar? ou tenho que deixar com a equipe do shapespark?
Is it possible for me to change the avatar myself? or do I have to leave it to the shapespark team?

For now the process is not automated, someone from the Shapespark team needs to set it up.

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Ah ok, obrigado pela rapidez na resposta

Hi, do you have a scene that has a custom avatar? I would like to see how it would look.