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Did Something Change?

Hey guys

Just noticed a change in the anti aliasing in a scene, I uploaded a new version after adding some video textures and camera views, did not bake the scene and there are strange aliasing issues on some surfaces.

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Is this a self-hosted scene? We made an anti aliasing improvement that for now is only available for scenes uploaded to Shapespark hosting, so if you compare a version uploaded to Shapespark with a local version or a version on your own hosting, the version on Shapespark hosting should look better. Is this the case?

no an uploaded scene,
I will do a new bake later today, still tweaking

new scene

old scene (better)

On my computer I don’t see this problem with a new scene. Do you test both versions on the same device? IPhone/IPad could have a problem like on your screen shot, because they use inferior anti aliasing, but this would affect both versions new and old.

no both are on a 4k LG Monitor, different tabs same browser.
Jen my colleague the modeller brought my attention to it,

one on the left is the older better one

It seems to be an Apple issue, Windows seems fine
Pixel Peeping Specialist…

Yes, lightmap related antialiasing is worse on Apple. This will change when Apple releases support for WebGL2, which is in progress, but not available yet.

Hi @jan

Jen (the modeller) here… I also noticed a weird effect on my iPhone. The light hotspots on the ground look all cruddy at the edges, is this to do with inferior graphics? I only see this on my iPhone not on my Mac or PC. I also noticed it in our MTN gallery when viewed on the iPhone.


This is related to inaccuracies that iOS browsers and Internet Explorer introduce to PNG images with alpha channel - the format which Shapespark uses for lightmaps. You can find more information in this post: Problem with Light Bake on Internet Explorer Browser

If you reduce the sun strength and re-bake the scene the artifacts will disappear.

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Thank you, what kind of sun strength is “normal” and what is the best way to get more natural light into a scene? The scene we are building feels like it should be a lot brighter than it is.
Is it wise to increase the sky strength and what is considered too much?

Thanks again for all your wisdom and advice.

The default strength of the sun is 8, and I rarely see the need to go beyond 12. The default sky strength is 6, and I think you may increase the strength in your scene to this value. The windowpane glass material has opacity 0.3, which corresponds roughly to blocking 30% of the incoming light. You can decrease the opacity, or at least decrease it just for the baking time, and revert it after the baking is done.

Thanks so much for the info.