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Difference between render result and preview result

Hello Shapespark experts,

We find difference between render result and preview result. We can see tree shadows in the preview result while in the render result they are missing. There is overexposure in the final render result. Could you please advise us how to fix the issue?


Light information baked to lightmaps has limited spatial resolution determined by the Lightmap resolution and Max lightmaps settings. You can check the effective lightmap resolution for an object in the Objects tab. For example, lightmap resolution 10 means that there are 10 lightmap pixels per 1 meter, so one lightmap pixel corresponds to 10 x 10cm square, and smaller light/shadow details cannot be represented in the baked lighting.

Based on the screenshot, the lightmap resolution seems very low for the terrain in your scene. What’s the value reported by the Objects tab? If your terrain around the building is very large, perhaps you can make it smaller?