Different Audio for different space

How we add or apply different audio music at different space ? This is important sometime for some guided kind of tour.

Please answer it with complete details. Hope it can be done without trigger.

Thanks in Advance

Shapespark doesn’t have such feature.

May be you can make a invisible triggers! :thinking:

Upload two sounds
Draw two invisible barriers for each space
For space 1, make a trigger to switch off the sound A with outside barrier and another trigger to switch on the sound A with the inside barrier,
Do the same for space 2 and sound B

When you cross the barriers to get in the spaces, the triggers doing their job and you switch on sound A to space 1 if get in the space 1, when get out of that space 1 and cross the outside barrier, the sound put in off.

I never do it, but sound me a good idea! :smiley: