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Different field of view settings for different views

Is it possible now or in the future to have different field of view settings for different views?

It is not possible now. Is it something that you would need for a single project or often? If just for a single project, we could expose an API function to change field of view when a view is activated and send you a JavaScript code that does this.

But more convenient to use solution would be to extend the editor to allow to configure multiple cameras and to assign different cameras to different views. This would allow to address also other issues: different walking speed for interior and exterior views and different exposure.

I could see using going from outside to inside or open spaces to tighter space
I agree having multiple cameras would be a better option but how would they transition
from one to the other?

The cameras could be assigned to views. Now there is a single camera in the Camera tabs, with multiple cameras, each view could have a drop down to select which camera to use.

A drawback of any per view camera configuration is that the settings will apply only if the user uses views menu to teleport. For example, if you configure a larger field of view for a ‘bathroom’ view, the setting won’t apply if the user walks into the bathroom from a corridor, only if the user selects ‘bathroom’ from the views menu.