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Disappearing objects with iOS 15


I have noticed an issue with one of the tours we recently created that seems to only persist on iOS 15 mobile devices. The issue is that some objects suddenly disappear while panning in the default view. We have never experienced this before on any other tour and are not sure why it is happening.

One thing that is certain is that iOS 14 devices do not seem to be affected by this issue, but if updated to iOS 15 or tried on iOS 15 devices the disappearing of objects begins.

The tour can be seen here: 3D scene

Not sure how relevant, but to share some additional background information: The initial tour was worked on in 3dsmax 2016, saved it in 2016. Final touch-up with 3dsmax 2020 then uploaded to Shapespark.

Does anyone from the Shapespark team have any idea of this or know why this might be happening?


you can find a video here: Dropbox - RPReplay_Final1637465425 2.MP4 - Simplify your life

Any help from support team?

Thanks for the report. We have been able to reproduce the issue and we are investigating it.

The rendering error was caused by negative roughness value imported from 3ds Max. We have implemented a fix so that incorrect settings of one material don’t break rendering other materials. This means your scene should render fine now, except for the “vray_01 - De” material. To make “vray_01 - De” material render correctly as well, ensure its roughness is in [0, 1] range.

We are investigating why the 3ds Max exporter introduced a negative roughness value and we will apply a fix for it.

Thank you for your solution. To make this clear, I’d need to make roughness for "vray_01 - De’ somewhere between 0~1. then just bake the model again. And this will solve the issue?

The objects already do not disappear in your scene. However, one material - “vray_01 - De” still isn’t rendered, and the roughness fix in the editor is needed only for this material. After you set the roughness, just re-upload the scene, re-baking isn’t necessary.

Thank you so much! I’m making some changes to this model so need to re-render anyway.

Hello, I made some changes to the model and re-baked it and upload it into my server. I see the tour in shapespark server doen’t show the ‘item disappearing malfunction’ but After I moved it to my server, it shows the same problem. What should I do to solve the issue?
Please let me know,

Original tour: 3D scene

Self-hosted tour: Sujain 59A

The viewer fix for one material error not breaking rendering other materials was rolled out only to our hosting. Bundles still use the older viewer version - the one contained in the last release of the Shapespark application.

So for the self-hosted scene to work, you have to fix the value of the roughness setting for the “vray01 - De” material, as it’s still negative in your scene. After you set it to a value from [0, 1] range and re-bundle the scene, the error on your hosting will be gone as well.

is it in the scene.json file?

No, adjust the roughness in the regular way: find the “vray01 - De” material in the Materials tab of the scene editor and change the Roughness value.

Thank you so much for your help,