Displacement - update suggestion

Hi. I’m just curious if in the future would be available displacement? I’ve done recently one project for client and he wanted brick wall and stone cladding. With bump this textures looked flat.

Hi @Gabuleczka and welcome to the forum!

We currently do not have plans for displacement maps. However, if you gave me a link to your scene (via private message if the scene is not public), I would check if something more could be achieved with the bump map.

Thank you for your response. This is a link to my scene: https://gabuleczka16.shapespark.com/3d_dl/

Stone cladding and brick wall look very flat. I added bump 0.2 but no results.

I’ve taken a look at your scene. Our current implementation of bump mapping works only for reflective materials, so to enable it for the two materials you’ve mentioned, you would have to set their roughness to a value < 1. That said, the range of the depth changes these materials require is rather too large for our bump mapping, so I think they will look flat anyway.