Drop in Oculus Quest - ShapeSpark VR Quality

Hi All,

I’ve noticed a massive drop in the performance of ShapeSpark tours on the Oculus Quest. The tours at the moment for me are unusable regardless of what model I’m in.

I can actually notice a black space either side of the view when I turn my head at a normal speed which never used to be there, it’s like the image/model is to slow to keep up with the headset now.

Is anyone else having the same issue? I had a client pitch booked in for tomorrow morning to show them the tours on VR but I’m going to have to put it off now it’s that bad.

@Random, we cannot reproduce the performance drop on Oculus Quest.

Could you share links to the scenes (via PM if they are not public) you notice the performance drop in? Are these scenes larger, in terms of the triangle or lightmap number, than scenes you created in the past?