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Duplicate a View

We’re working with a scene that has a lot of hidden objects, is there a way to duplicate a view without having to re hide all the hidden objects each time?

Perhaps copy code in a specific file to duplicate a view?

Also what’s the email address for support? Looking to get some assistance on this project in regards to a feature request, but it’s best if I show you what we’re trying to do and I don’t want to make it public just yet. :slight_smile:

If you’re willing to edit the scene.json file (after making a backup:) ) this should work:

  1. Let’s assume your oiriginal view is named A.
  2. Add a new view B.
  3. Open the formatted version of the scene.json file: http://localhost:5000/scenes/SCENE-NAME/scene.json?pretty and save the formatted file in the scene directory, overwriting the original one (unformatted).
  4. Open scene.json in a text editor (for example: Notepad++).
  5. Look for the "views" object and write down ids for A and B.
  6. Search for all occurencces of the "hideInViews" array. If the array has A's id, please add B's id after a comma. is one of our support channels. If you have a question about a scene that you cannot show publicly, feel free to use this email address.

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Awesome, thank you will give it a try.

Is it possible to have this added as an option the UI in the next update?

This sounds like a nice feature. We’ll add it, but not sure if we’ll manage to include it in the next release.

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