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Duplicate charge on my credit card

Hello! How are you?

I hired the Plus Plan and there was a duplicate charge on my credit card.

What should I do?

I don’t see duplicate charges for your email in the Paddle’s subscription history. The last payment was on 8th of April, and the previous one on 8th of March. Could you send us the dates on which these two charges took place? I’ll forward the issue to Paddle.

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sorry, I didn’t inform, the account is

April 12, 2022 at 12:41 pm

and doubled to

April 12, 2022 at 5:17 pm

Thanks for the information. Based on the transaction history, on 12th April you started a subscription for this account, and later the same day added a team member to this account. When you add a team member you pay for the team member’s subscription, and this was the reason for the second charge of your credit card.

When you add a team member, you pay for the team member’s subscription, which was the reason for the second charge to your credit card.

Saying: this user [younionme] who was added to the newly created team [abstract] already existed and was already being paid by credit card every month regularly. Does your second charge mean that we paid 12 months in advance for this user who was already being billed monthly?

@paulocp39, teams billing is independent from team members’ own subscriptions. So, the team owner pays for the team member’s subscription even, if the team member has her/his own subscription started before becoming a part of the team.

To avoid the double charge in the future you can either cancel [younionme] subscription or remove [younionme] from the team. Let us know which option you have chosen and we’ll refund you the last subscription fee billed for [younionme] or [abstract] account.

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we don’t want to lose the domain configuration or the structure of already hosted files. Therefore, we request that the Abstract user be part of tine Younionme (which was not allowed to do through the Shapespark website form).

After all this, the financial return of this third-party user with an annual contract must be carried out.

In the end, we have a team called, which has two users in it, one of them being the oldest user, the one where all the files are and where the domain is configured.

@paulocp39, do you want the accounts to be billed independently: the younionme account has only its own subscription, and the abstract account has only its own subscription? This is not possible with the teams. In a team the main account always pays a subscription fee for all the team members.

May I ask what team feature do you plan to use for these two accounts? Are you going to upload scenes made by abstract to younionme or the other way round? If you want to maintain independent billing for the two accounts perhaps there is some other approach than forming a team that would work for your use case.

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Our needs are:

  1. Allow more than one team member to use the shapespark editor at the same time. Today we are only 3 using it, but soon we will be dozens.
  2. Having the freedom to have more than one machine render scenes in the shapespark editor at the same time. We know about the limitation of a scene not being able to be rendered on a grid with more than one machine at the same time, but if we can already render different scenes on different machines at the same time, that helps a lot.
  3. We want to be able to publish everything on the same domain already configured,
  4. We almost always want to use the meeting and that’s why proprietary hosting is not feasible for us.
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Thanks for the feedback. We have extending the teams functionality in our plans for the near future, and hopefully it will make transferring a scene between team members, also for baking, easier.

Have you already decided on one of the above options, so that we proceeded with the refund?

It looks to me that making the [abstract] user a team member of [younionme] and not having an independent subscription for [abstract] might work for you: [abstract] would have only one license - for the team member, and [abstract] would be able to upload scenes to [younionme].

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I will accept your suggestion to delete one of the accounts, so I request the deletion of the Abstract account and the refund of the amount paid.

Could you delete the account at the bottom page using such drop-down:

After you do so, please send us the deleted account name to and we will issue a refund.