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Edit lightmap externally


I’ve run into an issue where double sided materials are appearing black after I flipped some faces externally prior to baking.

I can see in the tmp directory that there are 4 lightmap .exr files, but editing them seems to have no effect. Is there any method of editing the lightmap externally in photoshop for example? I was thinking I could just replace the black parts with the lightmap from a backup project.


How to edit lightmap to clean the black bar

The .exr lightmaps are “raw” and not yet post-processed versions of lightmaps. After you edit them, you have to run post-processing again with the Post-process button in the Bake tab.


Excellent. Thanks.



By the way. Is there any way to export the uv’s so I can bake the lightmap externally?


I can see there in a buf file, but i’m not sure how to uncompress that.


The UV storage format is specific to Shapespark and to some optimizations that Shapespark applies to the 3D model, for example automatic instance detection and numeric quantization. So, the UVs cannot be imported to external 3D modelling tools.


Ahh ok thanks. I guess an option to export the full geometrically optimized scene with new uv’s as fbx from shapespark would be the only solution then.



Yes, I guess so. (However, there is not such a feature in Shapespark now.)