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Editing or Changing Style of Right Side Icons in Viewer mode


Can someone tell me how do I use CSS or some custom styles and edit the icons/buttons visible on the right side of the viewer. My client finds it dull and wants to change it. Please advise.

You can use the DOM inspector tool included in browsers to identify what are ids and classes of elements used in the Shapespark menu. If you right click on the list in a browser and select Inspect you will see that, for example, the id of this list is a view-list’ and class of all the items are view;

You can then customize the list by adding a head-end.html file to your scene folder with a content like:

.view {
  background-color: pink;

Amazing. That’s exactly what I was looking for !

Is it possible to add some icons before the text ?

I haven’t tried this for the view list, but with CSS you should be able to add an image and position it before text:

Thanks for your reply ! I will surely try this out…