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Editor panel disappears when an extension is added on a 3D object

After the last update, something bad happens when I try to use a new extension on a 3D object! The first time I tried to use it the menu didn’t respond and then it just disappeared!

Now when I try to remove the extension, I go to the viewer tab and the menu freezes and does not respond, I must turn off the program.

We are sorry @jorgearq for this problem. Could you upload the model to Shapespark hosting and send us a link here or to

I already send the email (and another email from wetransfer with zip files), but the problem begun when I try to put a video with sound and new function in my model, but the model with the problem is still in my computer. I will send you the bad model in a minute! (I don’t know if scene was updated!!!)

Ups! when I was to try to update the scene, the panel disappeared entirely! so I don’t know if scene was updated!!!

It turns out the Video texture control extension does not fail gracefully when a material without a video texture is selected as a Material with video property. We will be releasing a fix for this, but until it is available I’ll send you a working config file by email. Also until the fix is available, please pay attention to select materials with videos to avoid this problem.

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Ok, I got it: be carefully to pick up material with no video texture for now! Thanks