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Embed on website


Is there a tutorial to show how to embed my uploaded shapespark file onto a website. I know there is html code but that just seems to put the link on the website.

I need to be able to show the image with the play button on my clients website. So their clients can press play and it goes straight to my model on shapespark.

Is this possible?



The iframe embed code: should do what you expect. Did you try this one?

Hi Jan,

It just states ’ Document not found"?

You also need to replace ‘your-user-name’ in the URL. Sorry about this, it should be capitalized in the doc and use some color to make it easier to notice.

Hi Jan,

Thanks for that. Could you check for me if this works properly? The code is below. I don’t want to give it to a client without being sure. Or is there another method I can check?

I think the forum editor might have removed your HTML code. But that you are using is good for checking if the iframe HTML code is correct.

For example if you enter there the following code:

<iframe style="width: 800px; height: 600px; border: none;"
    allowfullscreen allow="gyroscope; accelerometer; vr" scrolling="no"

and click RUN, the right window will display the included scene and will allow to start it.

That’s working now Jan, thanks very much :wink: