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Error download escene (BTW my first Bake! ๐Ÿ˜Š) (fixed)

I have an error when I try to view my work !
This is my first bake but I can not download on my phone! Why?


Help me please!

With 4 lightmaps the scene could be using too much memory to load on mobile. How much RAM does your iphone have?

Hi Jan
is an iPhone 6
In theory

CPU Speed: 1.38 GHz
Storage: 64 GB

I tried in others phones but not run either

Some advice or solution? (erase some chairs maybe, or cut some espace)


We tried on 2GB iPhone and iPad and the scene also fails to load due to lack of memory.

Optimizing this scene to run on mobile can be difficult. It currently has 7.5 mln faces and 4 lightmaps. For 1GB RAM iPhone you would need to go below 2mln faces with 1 or max 2 lightmaps.

We can open in a 4gb ram phone (huawey mate 10 pro) but is too large and take 3 hours to download!!!

I will try split the whole project into 4 spaces with 1 probe each and linking together through web links balls


Try downloading over WiFi, the scene has about 150MB, so you should be able to download it much faster.

Hi Jan
Shure, but the scene is impractical with that size and no many people will see it!!
so in this moment we are working in split the scene in 4 pieces and put links to navigate between them
When we finish this, we will put the link to share for comments?

At last!!! these are the 2 scenes linked together between web directions. I tried to do my best in this first job with Shapespark in a week o so.

Butโ€ฆ in VR MODE we can not pick up the web link!!! Because the spheres dessapear!!! :scream: How we can switching bettween the scenes in VR mode???


Jorge from all360vr (Costa Rica)

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How can I measure the scene? How can I know its size? If the scene is to big, can I save it so I do not download it again?

I think this is a great example of how to link multiple scenes together.

From the Shapespark point of view, I would like to see/recommend the following:

  • The icon/image to stop the โ€œautomatic tourโ€ is not very intuitive. If I were a first time visitor to a site that has implemented it and I do not see any type of โ€œhintโ€ when I mouse over it.
  • Once I stop an โ€œautomatic tourโ€, there is no way to restart it.
  • I really like the way you can now interlink scenes and have them launch within the same iframe. This is very useful. However, it would also be neat if there were ways to:
  1. Show which links are within the current scene and which ones will launch a new scene
  2. If you go to an new scene, there should be something in the new scene that would/could take you back to the previous scene.

Just some thoughtโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.However, @jorgearq I would like to say Well Done!! :clap::clap:

You can use the Network tab of your browserโ€™s Developer Tools to measure how much data has to be downloaded for a scene. For example, in Chrome the Developer Tools are opened either from a menu or with the F12 key. Make sure Disable cache is selected, and reload the scene. After the scene finishes loading you will see the total amount of data downloaded.

You cannot save a scene in browser, however when you download a scene for the first time, the browser should store most of the scene resources in the browser cache. Then, the next time you open the scene, if the resources are still in the cache, they will not have to be downloaded again.

Thanks for the feedback @ntxdave.

Thanks @wojtek, I never imagine how to mesure an ecene, now I Know! :ok_hand:t3:

Size of my scenes 59.4Mb 79.4Mb

Thanks @wojtek for the tip :wink: