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Error - Lines on textures

Hi all, I’m making a digital gallery and am having problems with lines appearing on the walls and textures after baking. I posted a similar problem a few weeks back and got some good responses saying it could be intersecting faces in my model. I’ve gone through my model and removed all the intersecting faces that I could find, but still the problem persists. I don’t think it is down to this, and I cant work out what it could be. The model has been made using google sketchup. Not using any lights, only the natural lighting in the scene through windows in the roof. Can anyone suggest anything to help? Thanks!

@rpsomerville en las superficies de las paredes tienes una textura o un color? Ese color o testrura también está aplicado a otros elementos?
Algunas veces pasa que el programa baja la calidad porque debe meter toda esa textura en un solo elemento de imagen, puedes probar haciendo lo siguiente
Utiliza un color o textura solo para las paredes y cambia los elementos del techo como las estructuras a un color diferente (casi igual pero no el mismo)
Dentro de shapespark anda a la pestaña de objetos, escoje las paredes y baja el lightmap resolution a 25 por ejemplo y vuelve a probar a ver si desaparecen esas líneas.
Este es un problema de mapa de luz, cuando una superficie es muy grande conviene bajar su mapa de luz para que la calidad no se vea afectada, si es un color plano eso no interfiere con la resolución de la escena.

@rpsomerville on the wall surfaces do you have a texture or a color? That color or texture is also applied to other elements?
Sometimes it happens that the program lowers the quality because it must put all that texture in a single image element, you can try doing the following
Use a color or texture only for the walls and change the ceiling elements like the structures to a different color (almost the same but not)
Inside shapespark go to the objects tab, choose the walls and lower the lightmap resolution to 25 for example and try again to see if those lines disappear.
This is a lightmap problem, when a surface is very large it is convenient to lower its lightmap resolution. If it is a flat color that does not interfere with the resolution of the scene.

Thanks, I’ll try that out! Would reducing the resolution affect the quality of the artworks in the scene?

No, remember you only reduce the lightmap resolution of the wall in object tab in shapespark not the hole scene or each artworks.

There are still two overlapping floor objects in your model. I suspect it might be caused by how SketchUp exports double-sided polygons to COLLADA format.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Shapespark has a dedicated exporter extension for SketchUp 2015-2020, which is the recommended way of transfering a SketchUp model to Shapespark, see:

Could you try if using the extension solves the lines (and overlapping faces) issue?

Hi, I updated to a newer sketchup and started using the exporter and thats solved the problem. Thanks for all your responses!

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