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Error Message When Exporting

Hi All,

I cannot export my model from sketchup to shapespark. I am getting the following message :


Can you advise please?


The Shapespark desktop application must be running when you export a SketchUp model to Shapespark.

If you get this error even when the Shapespark desktop application is running, it may be an antivirus/firewall blocking Shapespark.

i also disable the antivirus and firewall block but the problem is not solved
show me this message.

shapespark communication error
(HTTP CODE 500 )
Please help us.

We have investigated the issue based on the logs provided by the user, with the following result.

The logs indicated that the exporter has problems handling a texture file: bathroom-floor-tiles-texture-white-white-bathroom-tiles-texture-bathroom-floor-tile-texture-tiles-texture-seamless-marble-floor-tile-bathroom-tile-home-interior-decorations-pictures.jpg

Are you able to identify which material has this texture and perhaps rename it to have a shorter name?