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Error of Lightmaps on certain devices


We have some clients complaining about the lightmap not loading properly on some of their devices. I have attached a screenshot of the same.

Was there an error message Scene failed to load. Reload the page to retry. on the screen or just a black image without any error? Could you share a link to the scene?

It’s just a black image without any error. The scene is hosted on

This scene is very small, so it doesn’t look like lack of memory could cause the lightmap failure. Did reloading or loading in a different browser help?

The scene works fine on most of the devices, but my client has reported this issue with some of the mobile phones, particularly Vivo Smartphone which is popular here in India. So, is this issue caused by something with Vivo phone? If yes, how can it be resolved.


Not sure, we haven’t received other such reports related to Vivo phones. Could you ask the client to try if reloading the scene helps and if other scenes also have such issue, for example: ?

The issue got resolved when #mobilehi was removed from the url. Does the Mobilehi tag cause issue on Vivo phones ?

If the client is testing on a device with very limited memory the flag can make a difference. The scene has 6 light probes, and each will use more memory when the #mobilehi flag is used.

Thanks for the info. From now on, I would implement mobilhi flag, keeping this in mind.