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Error on Import scene

Hi. We receive the following error message.

Do you have an idea why?

In 1.15 we added validation of the input extras.json files to make sure they use correct properties and properties values are in correct range.

width and height properties are allowed only for area lights. Could you remove them from the file and see if it helps? If not, could you send us the extras.json file?

What do you mean with hiding “them”? You mean actually all lights but area lights?

Yes, please remove width and height properties from all lights but area lights.

Okay, we will do this. Thx.

We exported it without lights. Now we have a new error message.
Anmerkung 2020-03-13 162651

Could you send a problem report from the “Help & Support” tab with logs attached? We’ll try to identify the reason looking at the logs.

We will send it now.

Thanks, @tim. We’re analyzing it, but haven’t yet found a cause.

Okay. We are waiting :slightly_smiling_face:

@tim, based on the logs it looks like if some third-party application was blocking Shapespark from starting another process (part of the import is performed by a subprocess). Most likely, it’s an anti-virus or anti-malware tool. Are you using such a tool, and if so - which one?

Does it happen for each import of any 3D model? Or only for a particular model?

We are using
We are running some further in-house testing at the moment.
I will give you more feedback later.

Hi @wojtek

We worked in a scene on version 1.12 and then updated Shapespark to 1.15. After updating, the scenes cannot bundled or uploaded anymore. It get the error:
error export

After the failed export the scene(s) cannot be edited anymore.

Any idea what went wrong?

Hi @tim,

Could you send a problem report from the application, so we could take a look at the logs?

If you send the scene folder to (eg. via, we’ll try to find out how to recover the scene.