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Error When Importing .FBX

Hello -

We’re having issues with .FBX import as the maps/model is having a lot of errors on import. See attached examples.

Does anyone have experience working/solving this problem?

Here are additional error examples


What 3D modeling tool does your model come from? Have you taken a look at our list of typical export issues? For example, you can find the list for 3ds Max issues here:

This is from 3DS Max -

We’ve looked at the documentation and haven’t found a solution yet - wondering if this is a known issue

Looks like some issue with exporting or importing object transformations to/from FBX format. Would it be possible to send the 3ds Max model (eg. via to ? Just the model file will be enough - textures are not needed.

if you are using 3DS max, then dont mirror geometry or objects…rotate them. Items flip along their axis. It made for a lot of extra remedial work for me in Max to convert mirrored objects retrospectively…so start a new habit and rotate.

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