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Error when logging in to Shapespark

The error in the attached image occurs on the Shapespark login screen when going through the company network.

The PC terminal can access HTTP and HTTPS via proxy.
On the other hand, the same PC terminal is accessible via a non-company Internet connection
The connection will be available.

As a workaround, 「HTTP_PROXY=http://…」 would like to set the environment variable

How do I set this up? Should I put the “HTTP_PROXY” part in some configuration file? Or should I define it in the user’s environment variable?
In the case of the user’s environment variable, the address ends with a number.
Is it OK if the address ends with a number?

You should define the HTTP_PROXY and/or HTTPS_PROXY environment variables. The process of adding an environment variable is described, for example, in How to change environment variables on Windows 10 | Architect Ryan .

It’s OK if the address ends with a number. This is the server port number.